What's next?

What happens After the wedding

We prepare the images as quickly as we can, but there is a lot of work that goes into preparation - typically we find around 80 hours of picture editing is about average. Our target is to have the pictures ready around five weeks after the wedding. Sometimes we may be a little quicker and sometimes take a little more time, but we want to make sure that we take the time to prepare each image properly. Rest assured that we are working hard to make sure you get your pictures as soon as we can!

The first thing we do when the pictures are ready is send you a link to a gallery. The gallery is up for three months after the wedding. The pictures in the gallery have watermarks on them, but don't worry, once you have had a chance to look through the gallery, we will send you the images in their full quality on a pen drive free of any watermarks.

We really recommend backing up your wedding images on at least one extra computer, and preferably at least three copies in three different locations. Of course in practise we don't delete our copies of your images from our systems, so if you do suffer hard disc failure and/or you lose the pen drive, then it is always worth asking us to dig into our archives for a copy. But you should not rely on that - make sure that you make your own back ups, preferably in two or three separate locations!


This is another subject that has its whole own page. We have also just set up a dedicated album blog where we have started posting pictures of albums as they come in to serve as inspiration as to some of the looks, sizes and styles that you can achieve. You can view the album blog here.

Our Queensberry albums are gorgeous quality, but we are very conscious that they are among some of the most expensive albums on the market. We really didn't want to compromise with quality when it came to these - in the past we experimented with more economical albums, but we just weren't happy with them, and thought that paying the extra was worth it. However, we know that weddings are an expensive time, and we all need to control budgets. One way that we thought of helping with this is to create a system of vouchers, which you can if you like add to your wedding gift list if you have one, so that guests can help spread the cost of an album (or if you prefer, prints) as a wedding gift. We have a page about our vouchers here.

We love our couples to chose their 30+ must haves for the album and then Sylwia will prepare a design where these are smoothly entwined with the rest of the images that tell the story of your wedding day. A pdf with the layout is sent to you and we take it from there. Our albums are made by Queensberry in New Zealand so take into consideration that it takes time to ship them from there: roughly 3-4 weeks after it goes to production.


If you or your guests would like prints of any pictures after the wedding, we can provide them in two qualities - excellent quality (much better than you will find on the high street) - or something that is a bit special. We have set up a separate page to tell you about them here.

Inform guests about the picture galleries

 Feel free to share the link and password with friends and family. The online gallery will remain live for 3 months, after which the gallery will expire. Please make all purchases before this time is up. 

Social Media

We often like to do a little preview of a few pictures on Facebook a day or two or three after the wedding to keep you going and so that you can share them with friends and family until the rest of the pictures are ready. If you would prefer that we don't do this however, let us know!

We also have an Instagram account where we like to give a flavour of what we've been up to, you can follow us here.