Unframed wall art

[We have selected a choice of frames to compliment the style of our images, in a clean and modern style with just a hint of glamour! Whether you are showcasing a single image or creating a collection these frames are timeless. They are designed to present the print for maximum impact, and to show off the quality of the print, which are prepared on high quality fine art paper. There are a selection of styles and colours of frames to choose from as well as a range of sizes.]

We have a couple of options for you, depending on the feel you are after - and price range! There are two kinds of canvas, both of these are 4cm deep on the side, and look roughly similar from the front (except for lustre versus satin/gloss finish described below). 

The first kind is a traditional canvas, which has a lustre finish and is built in the same way to a painting canvas so looks like a painting canvas on the rear, the second kind is a canvas wrap which has a gloss or satin laminate finish, and the back of the latter looks like this (rather thicker than a traditional canvas frame):-

The former is quite a bit more expensive than the latter. A 24” x 16” traditional canvas would cost £200, while a wrap would cost £110, in each case + £15 postage. The canvas wrap is still nice quality, but it is more economical because it uses a modern assembly process for the frame, while some people prefer the more traditional satin canvas finish rather than the laminate, plus the feel of the more traditional frame.

There are cheaper options available from some online sources like Photobox, but they have rather more flimsy frames, and we are afraid they might start to sag the canvas as moisture expands/contracts, and they don’t have colour management to make sure that the colours look good in the print

Some of the image also gets cropped by the wrap around the edges of the canvas, so the image would look approximately like this at 24” x 16” (the blurry bits being the wrap around edges of the canvas): See the reference pictures below. Bear in mind that with smaller sizes the crop becomes greater as the 4cm sides of the wrap are a greater proportion of the image area.

he canvas wrap (the cheaper version) in 24x36” size would be £150. The next size for framed prints up would be where the frame is 36” x 24” (print size approx. 28” x 16”), and the size above that would be 40” x 30” frame (print size approx. 29.5” x 19.5”), those would cost £370 and £440 respectively.

Canvas wrap wall art
from 120.00

*Note: for Christmas delivery canvases must be ordered before midday on 13th December

With a range of sizes and formats to choose from, the canvas wrap features a gloss or satin laminate finish to offer the greatest protection and high tension stretching to maintain material structure of the canvas.

The Canvas Print Wrap is 40mm in depth.

The wrap works best with images that have space around the edges to 'wrap', without cropping the subject on the front too much. Please enquire if you would like advice on whether it would work well with a particular image.

The canvas is available in a range of shapes and sizes other than the popular ones listed here - please enquire if you had something else in mind, or we can help you to design a cluster of canvases to form a layout on your wall.

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