integrating film-making & photography

One thing that we have got really excited about in the last year has been mixing film-making with stills. We together developed a style of doing this which we’re excited about - mixing dynamic and creative moving image with great music to provide an evocative cinematic music video perfect for sharing on social media. We are buzzing with the results, see what you think! We have set up a separate video website at

Achieve more with less fuss…

There are several advantages to us taking the pictures and stills. First, it means we can achieve more with less ‘camera operators’ buzzing around the wedding. This is because we can work with one another in a seamless way that just isn’t possible to the same extent when the videographer and photographer roles are separate. 

For example, sometimes the photographer can capture video clips and vice versa. So, during bridal preparations, alongside taking stills, Sylwia can capture video clips, which means that there don’t have to be two operators buzzing around what is often a crowded room. Likewise, because we are so used to working together, during the portrait shoot we can bounce our ideas back and forth and take stills and film at the same time without getting in one another’s way. Normally a separate videographer will need extra time for a separate video shoot, and just wouldn’t be able to capture the same portrait results. Another example is during the ceremony, where it is often possible for both of us to capture a mixture of stills and video different point of view without having to move around, which can be distracting for guests during the ceremony.

With a separate video company there is at least one additional operator, often two, which can restrict points of view and compositions for both photographs and video  (trying to find an angle where none of the other three operators are in the frame) alike as well as giving the wedding more of a ‘media event’ feel and less relaxed.

The net result is that, not only is it possible to achieve more and be more creative, but there is a less intrusive camera presence during the wedding.

…and kinder to the wallet

Finally, this works out a bit cheaper than typical costs of hiring a separate videographer. We still have to charge a significant fee for the videography - since, apart from other factors (equipment etc.) the video requires quite a few extra days of editing time aside from the photographs. But because we are attending the wedding in any case, we can discount the cost of videography compared to a separate supplier of video.

However you would like to do it

Most important of all is to make sure you get the style of video that you are after, and there is a wide variety of approaches and styles on the market, and, if you would like video, we are more than happy to work with whichever video company you may choose.