Our photography doesn’t finish when the images are ready. We see the design and layout of the album as part of the creative process, of our visual interpretation of the day, and the end result should be a beautiful and highly personal album.

All our albums are carefully designed with layouts to suit the flow of your pictures. We don’t use standard templates for layout - each album is totally custom. Creating the album is a joint enterprise - the choice of pictures should both reflect the content that is important to you, and our vision in the flow of the images and presentation. We work with you to create albums that you will love for years to come.

Our albums have three different options for the internal pages, depending on whether the images are placed in mounts. These are Flushmount, Overlay, or Duo. We have a page explaining the differences between these here. 


Our albums, from Queensberry in New Zealand

The sample albums below are suggestions. You choose the colour, look and material of your album and can completely customise it. Have a look at our recent album blog linked to below for some ideas about some of the looks that are possible.

Note: prices quoted below are for albums booked as part of a package.

The portable

10" x 10" Queensberry Flushmount album

A 10" x 10" album is a perfect portable size. It is large enough to show off images well, particularly in a Flushmount internal layout format where images can be printed to the edge of the page, giving flexibility of layout, It is also a relatively affordable size without breaking the bank.

10" x 10" Flushmount album

The spacious

14" x 10" Queensberry Overlay album

A 14" x 10" album allows greater flexibiility of layout for images. It gives more space to allow an Overlay layout where images have a high quality mount separating each image, giving a beautiful quality feel. The larger size gives more space and therefore more flexibility to include more and/or larger images to allow them to 'breathe' in the space and allows great use of space for dramatic effect.

14" x 10" Overlay album

The luxuriously modern

12” x 12” Queensberry Duo album with photofront

A square format 12" x 12" album also allows a larger area to allow images to be allowed larger and for flexibility of layout with all that extra space. The square format works equally perfectly for both vertical and horizontal images. And dramatic landscape images can work beautifully across a double page spread.

A Duo layout is perfect for this -allowing the design to transition freely between mounted and unmounted, and it also introduces the option of flip and fold out pages.

The photofront is an option which allows use of an image large on the cover, giving a clean modern and highly personalised design.

12" x 12" Duo album, with photofront

Just to say that we’re delighted with our wedding album!! It’s absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for all your hard work that’s gone in to it, it couldn’t be more perfect!
— Jen, on receiving her album


Specialist albums

The engagement album

8" x 8" flushmount album

The spectacular

18" x 10" Panoramic album

For parents

Parent albums - 7"

This 7" parent album is a Flushmount copy of a master album

Parent albums - 10"

This 10" parent album is a Flushmount copy of a master album


You can just choose one of our recommendations above. Or if you like, you can customise to completely transform the look of your album. Either way, you will want to make a decision about the cover material and colour of your album.

Read more about the available customisation options here.


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