A bit about us

Ok, so you’ve had a good rummage through our portfolio here, maybe even checked our Facebook page and now you are wondering to yourself WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE, I need to know more about them before I make them an important part of my wedding day!

First, a few random facts

  • Met: at a photo festival in Bratislava
  • Married: to one another
  • Guilty indulgence: aside from cake (obvs) - sailing boats
  • Name: we sometimes like to abbreviate "Crofts & Kowalczyk" to "Cro + Kow"

We find it awkward writing about ourselves. So Sylwia is going to write a few things about Simon, and Simon a few things about Sylwia, while the other one blushes.

Simon says:

  1. Sylwia is the creative brain behind Cro + Kow. She is also the visually educated one: studied graphic design, and has an MFA in photography from Edinburgh College of Art, and an MA in graphic design and photography from Krakow Academy of Fine Art. 
  2. She is a sponge for all sorts of documentaries and podcasts.
  3. Sylwia is also the kindest person I know - you will see that at weddings she is a kind of Jeeves shimmering away in the background, and has a magic rucksack that always seems to contain just whatever it is you happen to need at any particular moment. (So if any of you need blotting papers or a plaster you now know who to ask! - Sylwia)
  4. Sylwia has developed a technique of serial sneezing guaranteed to stop conversation in any restaurant. The current record is eleven sneezes.(Actually I think it is thirteen but I'm not sure because I almost fainted - Sylwia).
  5. I feel incredibly lucky to work with her, and this is what I love above all - this cooperation and excitement of doing something creative with the person you care about most. 

Sylwia says:

  1. Simon plays clarinet (but I'm veeeery rusty - Simon). Yes, the chap not only wields his numerous cameras like a pro but if your wedding band unexpectedly needs a clarinet soloist for your first dance song performance, now you know where to find one (absolutely no way - Simon). And I want to take pictures of it!
  2. He once cycled 2500 miles across Europe to Moscow.
  3. Simon genuinely thought that Led Zeppelin was a man called Led. I forgave him.  
  4. Simon moved in with me two months after we first met. It was not a mean feat – more than 20 boxes arrived from Scotland and I’m pretty sure that at least 18 of them consisted of darkroom and photo equipment. That is how I knew I had to marry this guy!
  5. Simon builds wonderful bonds with people who he photographs. He also talks to the back of his camera all the time. I think he is a camera-whisperer.