The finished albums can look classic and clean, contemporary and delicious, or bright and vibrant, but the underlying luxury quality of the materials helps them carry off any look with style. Queensberry albums are in our opinion the finest albums available on the market. This is partly the gorgeous quality of materials and assembly but also because you can really customise the look of the finished album with choice of covers, colour, paper and other layout options.

As well as the cover material and colour of the album, the other elements that can be customised are

(1) the layout of the cover;

(2) the options for mounts around the images inside the album;

(3) the texture of paper that the pictures are printed on;

(4) the number of images and pages.

Outside look - the cover

Cover Materials

 The look of the album can be completely transformed and personalised through choice of cover material, colour and style. To start with, the choice of materials are a range of classic, contemporary or micro leathers, buckram, silk, or bengaline.

There is a large range of colours within these materials. We suggest having a look at past albums on our blog and on Queensberry's website for ideas how these materials and colours might look in the finished album. Note that, particularly with leathers, precise shades can vary from batch to batch, and also as everyone has slightly different screens, the precise shade may appear slightly different.

You can see a complete range of the options in the swatch sheet here (click them to enlarge):

We also have a complete range of physical samples in the studio if you would like to see and touch physical samples before choosing.

Cover styles (tablets, embossing, photofronts)

The style of cover (and choice of cover image, if applicable) also has a big effect on the look of the album. The available options are:

A picture tablet

Names blind embossed

A half or full photofront cover

Inside look - layouts and papers

Internal layouts - flushmount, overlay or duo

The key choices here are whether to have an album with mounts around the images, or without, or a flexible layout that can have either.

Please read our separate mini-guide to the different options here.

Photo papers

The photographic paper that the images are printed on can either be a classic pearl finish, or a textured fine art Tintoretto paper, which is more akin to a watercolour paper.