Wedding at Edinburgh Zoo

"The photo's are fantastic!!!!!  They are all great, but theres a few of them that made us stop in our tracks and simply think WOW.  Fantastic job with fantastic company so thanks once more to the two of you.""Everyone who was there remarked on how great the two of you were and how "at home" you made everyone feel, was definately your non-intrusive approach."

"I'd like to say a big thank you to you again cause you both were fantastic, a friend of mine has already asked for your details for her wedding"

- Samantha

We had a really fun time photographing the wedding of Samantha and Andrew - the day was very much based around the children, starting with the venue - Edinburgh Zoo, down to the bubble fight in which Simon got suitably soaked. Samantha and Andrew treated us to a stream of jokes so it was a jolly day - only one child was lost, who worryingly was last seen heading in the direction of the lions and tigers, but luckily he popped up at base a little later with all limbs still intact.

We've put a selection from the images in a gallery on the main website.