Nothing can compare to the excitement, physicality and longevity of showing physical prints of selected images, whether framing them on a wall, placing on a mantlepiece, or passing them around at family gatherings. Apart from lustre prints, as something a bit special we also offer 'fine art prints', which are prepared on a special rag or museum paper that has a fine texture, and is heavyweight for quality - at least 300gsm - and made in Germany. We are careful to make sure that the colours are beautifully reproduced, and the paper is 100% acid-free to ensure that there is no fading with time. The colours and the paper are tested to last over a hundred years without any fading. These are the types of prints that appear in the world's top art galleries - a work of art on the wall.


We offer our fine art prints in four sizes. Print area sizes are approximate and can vary slightly from image to image. The prints are supplied in a 3.5" high quality mount.