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"THE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING!! We absolutely adore them and they truly captured the whole spirit of the day - I'm smiling soooo much from going through them. Thank you so so much!
Thanks a million guys, you were so awesome and really helped make our day so special!
Can’t stop looking at the photos – they make me sooo happy, you literally captured every moment perfectly! They are AMAZING!"

- Nicola & Ted

"We've just finished looking through the photos! They're absolutely stunning! To say we love them doesn't do justice to quite how moved we feel. You've just captured so many incredible moments in such a beautiful way.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house :)
We really appreciate the effort you've gone to with everything (on the day and afterwards), but also, just how genuinely lovely you both are and how nice it was to have you as part of our wedding. We'll never forget it."

- Catherine & James

"We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! We are so pleased with how they turned out and going through the pictures takes me back to our wedding and it sparks so many wonderful and happy memories.
You both did an excellent job and can’t thank you enough!"
- Zitlali & David

"Wow wow wow wow wow!

Oh my god these photos are AMAZING. I don't think you could have captured the day any better. I don't know how I'm going pick my favourites.... they're all my favourites.

Thank you so much I am blown away by them....."

- Keren & Stephen

"We've just gone through them and we are all in floods of tears!! They are so brill!!!! I will properly email you when we are back in England but wow wow wow you guys are amazing!!!! Xx"

- Lou and Mark

"We absolutely love every one of them! You captured our day perfectly and couldn't have wanted anything more! thank you both a million times! Thank you again massively!!!!"

- Courtney & Rannie

"Wow... we are blown away with the pictures, and felt like we were reliving the day when scrolling through, your work is amazing and really tells a story on how perfect and wonderful our day was."

- Chanine & Gareth

"Thank you SO much for these! We think these are some of the most beautiful photos we've ever seen! You really caught every moment, the best of each person and the beauty of the setting. We're so happy we went with you two!"

- Jihye & Patrick

"Heads up you guys! We LOVE the photos. Absolutely overwhelmed by them... So many wedding memories flowing back. Incredible. THANK YOU so so much. Having so much joy going through them again and again with all our family and friends."

- Annie & David

"We have just had a look through the photographs an laughed and cried with equal measure. They are amazing and we absolutely love them! Thank you so so much!"

- Lauren & Graeme

"We have just had the best 3 hours ever!!!! Taken us so long to get through! To say we love them goes no way to explain! They are amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you both sooooooo much!!!!! You guys are so talented!!! Exceeded every expectation!"

- Linzi & Stephen



"They are so incredibly fantastic, thank you so much!

We would also really like to thank you for your professionalism, kindness and overall brilliant attitude. You both felt like welcome guests at our wedding and I couldn't imagine it would have been possible for you to do a better job."

- Zoe & Tom




"Wow! We're both over the moon with the photos - the images capture the day so perfectly - little moments with our guests, details of the day as well as the emotion - thank you so much! We've done little else but look at them for the last couple of days - it's made it all seem so fresh again :)"

- Louise & Steven




"Thank you so much for the photos! They are fantastic and bring back so many lovely memories! They really capture the story well and it is nice for us to see what the other was up to on the day before the ceremony!

Thank you again - we are really pleased with the photos (and recommending you left, right and centre!!)"

- Katharina and Alan




"The photos look incredible!! We've looked at them all umpteen times already and like them more and more each time. It's so lovely to be able to relive the day over and over.

Thank you both so much for being so great!"

- Sally & James